Given Segal’s ability to garner big contracts (he negotiated Smith’s $70 mill deal and Levi Brown’s $62 mill deal), it’s likely that this will be Moss’ last season with the Pats. Randy is looking for his last big deal and Segal is the type of agent that can get it for him. Now, all hope is not lost, as he has negotiated fair deals before with the Pats (Tate and Warren). Who is Joel Segal? He was rated the ninth most influential sports agent earlier this year by Business Insider. Here is a quick profile of Mr. Segal that I was able to find:

“Joel Segal is an American sports agent and the president of BEST Football . Segal has used his law degree and background to become one of the most powerful sports agents in the world. In 2010 Segal was recognized as the 9th Most Powerful Sports Agent in America by Business Insider Law Review . In 2008 Segal was named the 14th Most Powerful Sports Agent by Sports Business Journal . The super-agent has negotiated numerous record-setting contracts, is one of only two NFL agents to represent multiple first round draft picks each year for the past five years 2006-2010 and has represented 20 first round draft picks since 2001.”

The bright side here is that if Randy Moss wants a big contract after this season, he’s going to have to perform on the field, and he has already indicated that he is primed and ready to go. A motivated Moss is a good thing for the Patriots and Tom Brady, so let’s hope that they can make the most of him this season while still returning some balance to the offense.

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