Certain states are known for their veracity in hunting down agents who violate their athlete agent laws. Florida has a history of enforcing its regulations, and Alabama is certainly not a state to mess around with. Arkansas may also soon put all sports agents on warning.

Representative David Sanders (R-Little Rock) has proposed The Arkansas Player and Fan Protection Act.

The bill would make it a felony in Arkansas for an agent to provide or arrange for anything of value to be provided to a college athlete (it’s currently a never-prosecuted misdemeanor), fine the agent at least $250,000 (it’s now $50,000 in pocket change), and revoke his or her license to practice their craft in Arkansas for up to five years (they currently face no revocation at all). The bill also would penalize anyone acting on behalf of an agent.

The penalties may scare off some unscrupulous agents from recruiting in Arkansas, but until the new law, if passed, is enforced, it will not be completely effective. Passing the laws with teeth is only half the battle.

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