This is a  housekeeping notice.

1.  Several of the Agents for Athletes guys do not have their photos posted. In the past we were not as strict on this.  Going forward if your photo is not being shown the account will be turned off.  Please send a photo right away.  I have spoken to a couple of you on this.  If you have new photos go ahead and send them to us.    With our new system the  administrative staff has to make changes and additions so send the photos along with any updates of  your bios to me right away, (}.

2. I am making this a separate line as it has created the most issues.   If you change your email address please update us right away.  This costs you athlete leads and us time in tracking you down for them.  We have several files to update with the new database and it take a day or so depending on the work load.

3.  As always we have had a special price for upgrading to the Professional Package for Graduates.   The time frame to do so is within 60 days of Sports Agent Course completion.  Exceptions to this must be in writing so please advise if you need more time.

4.  We have had a very busy year so far in 2014.  We have had a couple of site server  upgrades and were down for 24 hours at one point.  More improvements are coming and we do welcome your input as always.

Thanks for being great agents, clients, and friends,

Warmest Regards,