Pro Sports Group established the “Agent Advisory Council” in  2008 to better serve our existing agents, and our student agents that are learning how to become successful Sports Agents.

The Pro Sports Group team’s passion for making our agents successful has been a very dynamic and worthwhile model.  It however had lacked the authority, and recognition that a separate but affiliated  Sports Agency brings.  This is evident in another firm copying our original model ( not so successfully ) but tacking a “ Sports Agency “ as a second level for their graduates to move to.  This new model was financially successful for the firm and fooled many into believing the marketing glamour without looking behind the covers to see the results over time of the successful agents vs large quality of individuals who went through the “ Program”.  In addition from our reports it unfortunately did not supply the direct support and communication from successful agents to the new agents that was and is needed.

Fee based programs in a competitive market particularly the dynamic Sports Agent market make money for the creators not the paid members.   This is often misunderstood but too true.  Many uninformed considered paying to be a “Agent Adviser” an internship.  It of course  was never designed to be an internship and cannot meet the legal requirements necessary for this to be the case.  It is but a business opportunity for the agency offering the service and revenue generator.

New agents or individuals in all categories of business and life succeed best and fastest when there is a mentoring provided by the last generation of individuals.  For mentoring to be done in the field the Pros’s who have been in the wars and learned valuable knowledge the newbies are still missing are needed.

Many successful agents over the years have originated to us their willingness to help new agents.  These individuals were of the highest quality character and truly enjoyed seeing others succeed.  This is why the Pro Sports Group “Pro Sports Group Agent Advisory Council” was established.  Professional agents helping the new agents and athletes on their own time, without fees or contracts, and with old fashioned but not out of fashion “Good Will “.  These are the real role models that the next generation of agents need to be following.

We wanted to ensure that our agents have access to a full team of experienced, knowledgeable and successful agents to assist them when the unique challenges of our market gave them unexpected or particularly complex challenges that an experience working professional could add a prospective to.  Our  “Pro Sports Group Agent Advisory Council”  was formed with this in mind.   The council consists of individuals from among Pro Sports Group agents, industry professionals, and outside adviser’s working with Sports Agents.  The common denominator for membership is the desire to educate and assist the next generation of professional sports agents and athletes.   The Sports Agents among these elite individuals have their own agencies.

These individuals are on the the “Honor Role”  of dedicated professionals in the Sports Industry.  Pro Sports Group is proud to be associated with them.