Cameras being placed in the locker room is now a  hot subject.   How can it be that the NFL did not check with the NFLPA and players before announcing this policy switch.   The reason is few players or the NFLPA would have supported the idea!   As a former football player it is extremely hard to image the players wanting this and only the most perverse marketing idiots and fans !

The locker room is the sanctuary of the players !  It is already crowded with reporters, male and female, staff, and lots of microphones !

Sampling of comments from the Agents, Players  and Fans ! 

Lets go the other way !   Leave the coaches and players alone in the locker rooms. Eliminate ALL media access within the locker rooms and give media access to coaches and players after the game like they already do. Media members do not have a “right” to a story and fans do not have the right to know about “personal” stories.  They have stages for what the media needs !

Hxxl No !

One of the most stupid ideas that the NFL has come up with. !

We have received no positive supporting comments for this   Media Insane Stupidity by the NFL.