I work for Dimensional Sports, a company based out of New York City. We made a splash last year by signing Joe Haden, the number 1 cornerback out of the University of Florida. Joe was eventually picked number 7 overall by the Cleveland Browns and signed a 5-year, $50 million contract. Not bad for our first client.

We followed up this year with Ryan Williams, a do-everything running back out of Virginia Tech and his teammate Rashad Carmichael, one of the top cornerbacks in this year’s draft. I went to the University of Virginia, so the rivalry plays out on a daily basis, but it’s all in good fun. They are both good kids and I love doing any and everything I can to help them succeed on and off the football field.

This year we were fortunate enough to be invited to the NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall and sit in the Green Room. This marks two years in a row of being in the Green Room, as we were able to sit with Joe’s family last year as well and walk the stage. NFL Draft Week in NYC is a great experience. The NFL has several media appearances for the guys and you can’t beat meeting several NFL greats each day. It’s a great experience that I hope to make a yearly occurrence.

Tonight at 8 p.m., the NFL Draft will be aired on both ESPN and the NFL Network. No one knows how this year’s draft will play out, especially with the labor uncertainty going on in the NFL. Judge Susan Nelson lifted the lockout and denied the NFL’s motion to stay the injunction pending appeal. Ideally, it should be business as usual, but many reports have teams are refusing to allow their players to work out and I’ve had a bear of a time trying to get someone on the line to talk about Ryan and Rashad’s draft prospects. However, I have been successful in speaking with about 25 out of the 32 teams on behalf of Ryan and Rashad. Tonight and the next two days we’ll find out where my guys will end up. I prefer somewhere nice and sunny, if possible.

So here we are. After almost two months of training, another month of private workouts and personal visits, the NFL draft is here. My guys have been doing the media circuit and handling themselves quite well. Ryan’s favorite player is Walter Payton, a running back who’s career ended before he was even born, so he gets a lot of questions about that. Rashad has started branding “BAP,” which stands for “Bless All People.” He hopes to set up a foundation in the near future to help those less fortunate. Like I said, good football players, but even better guys.

So if you aren’t doing anything the next couple of days, check us out on the tube and wish us luck! And remember, BAP.

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