He said: “Louis and Mourinho are childhood friends and have an extremely close relationship. What surprised me most was Mourinho’s attention to detail and his tactical awareness. He even went to the extreme as giving players homework which they would later be checked on. What struck me at the time was that these methods could be transformed and applied across a wide spectrum of any business being it at a bank, local health authority or law firm.”

Louis proceeded to write a thesis for his Masters in Sports & Media Studies with the University of Lisbon on the subject of Mourinho’s Management Techniques and was ultimately encouraged to publish it.

Mr Asquez continued: “It went on to sell over 100,000 copies in Portugal and he has asked me to seek an English and Spanish publisher. This second edition will attract a bigger market as it is easy to understand and includes work from Mourinho’s time at FC Porto, Chelsea and Inter Milan.

“Given that Mourinho will probably make a return to the Premiership or manage a top Spanish side next season there is already substantial interest from both English and Spanish publishers to take on board this new book.

“Louis couldn’t have written the script better as he scheduled the launch the day after the Champions League semi-final between FC Barcelona and Inter Milan and as we all know victory went to Mourinho’s Inter Milan.”

Kenneth also took time out while in Lisbon to visit Portugal’s legendary midfielder and current Sports Director at Benfica Rui Costa.

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