“They want me to understand he’s a great coach, and they want to keep him at K-State,” Currie said. “I agree with them completely.

“Clearly he’s done a great job, and, clearly, we need to continue to work to make sure that he and his family feel good about where they are from a contract standpoint.”

That’s fine with Martin.

“It’s the only school that’s ever offered me a job,” Martin said Thursday evening. “I have no reason to want to be anywhere else.”

That doesn’t mean an extension will come in the next 48 hours, Currie said, but it doesn’t mean that negotiations are going poorly, either.

“John and I are talking,” Martin said. “We’re both in agreement in a lot of things, and when the time is right we’ll make it happen.”

Martin’s agent, Richard Katz of Cincinnati-based KMG Sports Management, said he has been in contact with Currie and general discussions are ongoing. He said he gets the feeling K-State wants to “do right by Frank.”

“We’re working on a contract extension that is mutually agreeable and fair,” Katz said.

Martin’s contract, which pays him $760,000 per year plus incentives, runs through the 2011-12 season. His salary ranks at or near the bottom of the Big 12. He is 59-26 in his third season.

Katz said he was supposed to be in Manhattan for Monday’s game but could not make it because of weather. He plans to be at Saturday’s home game against Oklahoma State but said the visit has nothing to do with business.

Katz did not indicate whether an offer has been made, saying there was no timetable for completing a deal. Currie and Martin concurred.

“When coach Martin woke up this morning, he didn’t think about his contract,” Currie said. “He’s worrying about beating Oklahoma State. Coach Martin and I are in constant contact, but with things like this, that are going through a process, you’ve got other things going on that you’ve got to manage — both coach and the A.D.”

Martin said: “You guys want answers that are conversations between John and I. I ain’t worried about it. I’m living the dream. … When I start worrying about a contract, I’d be cheating the kids and not doing my job.”

Since his arrival in May, Currie has made final new contracts for football coach Bill Snyder, women’s basketball coach Deb Patterson and baseball coach Brad Hill. He says the next coach in line for an extension is Martin, and at some point he expects a deal will be made.

“As long as I feel like I trust Frank and he trusts me, I’m comfortable,” Currie said. “I think we have that relationship. I’m confident he’ll be our coach for a long, long time. He tells me he wants to be here for his career, and I think he trusts me when I say I want him to be here as long as he wants to be here.

“We’ll work hard to do the right thing that takes care of him, that is fiscally responsible and also significant.”

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