Parsons handled the presentation portion of the press conference as Patrick, despite all her photo shoot experience, still hasn’t built the patience for the unwashed masses. One reporter, unable to work the microphone to her satisfaction, got a Danica response: “I’ll make up the question I think you asked me…” As if the press conference wasn’t structured enough.

IndyCar will continue to be the primary focus for Danica, as made clear by Parsons in his statement for Patrick. He could have made it more clear by not pausing for a brief moment to try to remember the name of her IndyCar racing team, but the commitment is there. Would she even be interested in NASCAR if the IndyCar season was longer?

She answered the question by talking about the challenges of stock car racing and being curious about the opportunity and looking forward to the bumping and wheel to wheel action, comparing the experience to go-kart racing. In other words, she didn’t answer the question. Don’t be surprised if Andretti Racing accidentally locks her in her hauler after the IndyCar Homestead race next October.

Tony Eury, Jr. will act as her crew chief. Hopefully, he’ll be able to spend time with her talking about the mechanics of the stock car as she seems less prepared in that area. She knew there was more downforce here and less braking there, but she also admitted she hadn’t been in a stock car since a whirl around the track at Greenville-Pickens Speedway 6 or 7 years ago.

She notes she’s already met with Lisa and Brian France as well as “Mr. Hendrick.” However, her true boss and Web hosting guru spent most of the photo-taking time after the Q&A section joking with his wife about Tiger Woods’ current pickle while Kelley Earnhardt slipped to the side, giving the wheel to Danica.

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