Baker did not need to worry after all. He mastered the material and aced the final exam when he took it recently.

Schoolwork is something that comes naturally to the Lee senior, and the 6-foot forward knows exactly what he has to do to maintain the good grades.

“All my time is taken up by doing sports or by studying,” Baker said. “I grew up playing basketball and I first recall playing the sport around elementary school. I did some after-school leagues when I was younger.”

Baker also plays football and runs track during the school year, but basketball is his favorite. His hard work and role-model like qualities endear him to coaches, and it has made new coach Terry Sare’s job easier.

“D’Andre is an outstanding young man,” Sare said. “He’s a 4.0 student, and at the same time, he’s a great citizen. He has great morals, great ethics and he’s a great worker. He’s everything that a student should be, and the whole school should be proud of him.”

Baker is currently third in his junior class, and should be in the running for valedictorian or salutatorian status next year at his current academic pace.

As for school, that is Baker’s main focus once he enters college.

“I want to play sports, but my main focus is getting an education,” said Baker, who said he would not mind attending Michigan State, Michigan or another caliber school. “I want to go for the law field to become a sports agent.

“If I can’t go professional in a sport, I still want to be around sports.”

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