Boy of summer: I actually had heard of the Newark Bears. They play in the Atlantic League, and so do the Bridgeport Bluefish, and since I’m from Connecticut, I had seen the teams play a couple of times in Bridgeport.

Making the cut: I got this internship through N.Y.U. Tom Phillips, the C.F.O./controller of the Bears, graduated from N.Y.U. A lot of times with these sports internships, it’s about who you know and about having some experience from volunteer work or managing school teams or doing other internships. These jobs are hard to get; it doesn’t mean you get paid a lot, but there’s an allure to working in professional sports.

Following the money: I’m mainly shadowing Mr. Phillips. I feel like I’m having my first real experience in finance and accounting; I’m learning about the flow of money within a minor league sports team. It all boils down to money. It might sound like clerical stuff, but it’s new to me. When you see a player’s contract come in and enter it in the budget, it’s kind of cool.

Question of trust: The kind of people who belong in finance are people who are trustworthy; you find out a lot of private information, financial information. Like, I would not say if I knew the team was about to go bankrupt, but what I can say is that we’re doing all right.

Familiar names in Bears uniforms: We signed Carl Everett as a designated hitter, and Armando Benitez is our relief pitcher. We also have Edgardo Alfonzo.

Who has the turkey sub? Part of my job is handling sponsorships and accounts receivable, which means sometimes I’m hunting people down for money over the phone. But believe it or not, the most stressful part, besides the fact that you’re working nights and weekends and you basically give up your life for a career in sports, is that I’m responsible for buying food for the staff on game days. When you go to Subway for $600 worth of sandwiches, it’s not that easy. If you get the order wrong, people are unhappy.

The game plan: I’m going to be here until school starts in September, and then I’ll be looking to land an internship at Goldman Sachs or Merrill Lynch or Creative Artists Agency sports division; I want to give myself another dimension. I hope to work in finance or law, maybe as a sports agent. I see baseball as a potential career path. I definitely want to come back next summer. It’s hard work, but it’s fun, and if I didn’t love it, I’d quit.

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