Or, “Is it all about, ‘Show me the money?’”

Tom Cruise played Maguire, who was an independent sports agent, in the 1996 movie, “Jerry Maguire.”

Landry’s answers to those questions are yes and no.

For starters, Landry is not an independent sports agent with one client like Maguire was.

Landry, who has been a sports agent since 1994, is a partner with Creative Artist Agency (CCA), which also represents Hollywood actors like Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Tom Hanks and George Clooney.

CCA also has a sports agency department with a resume as impressive as its Hollywood names. It represents LaBron James, Derek Jeter, Ryan Howard, Gil Meche, and this year’s Cy Young winner Roy Haladay to name a few.

Unlike Maguire, Landry is a sports agent to about a dozen Major League baseball players, but he is quick to point out that he is not the only sports agent for those 12 players.

“Our firm (CCA) all work together for the players,” said Landry who spoke at a recent Kiwanis meeting in Abbeville. “We all work on different things.”

Like Maguire, Landry tries his best to get the most money for the athlete when it comes to contract negotiations. The agent goes back and forth with the baseball clubs during contract negotiations. A lot of texting, E-mailing and cell phone calls takes place.

But the job consists more of just trying to get the most money for his client. CCA also is responsible for autograph signings, speaking engagements and special appearances for athletes.

“I never get tired of what I do,” said Landry. “It is never boring. I have never gone to work and wished I did not have to go.”

Landry is pretty good at what he does when it comes to getting good deals for players.

In a Sports Illustrated article on SI.com in 2007, writer John Heyman ranked Landry number one during the off-season winter winners.

Heyman wrote, “Landry may not be one of the best known agents in the business, but he raised the bar for all pitchers who have struggled to keep their ERAs below 5.00. Landry will be forever remembered for the startling $55 million, five-year contract he extricated from those notorious cheapskates, the Kansas City Royals, for Meche.”

These days Landry has three places he puts his head down to sleep: Los Angeles, New York and Abbeville. He has a home in Abbeville, where his wife and three children live. He spends about 11 days a month in Abbeville and rest of the month he is flying all over the United States meeting with his clients.

He’s able to get a lot of work done thanks to cell phones. Because of electronic technology, he is able to read contract agreements or download team offers from his cell phone while sitting at his home in Abbeville. In his cell phone, he has 1,700 numbers stored. They range from Halladay, Jeter, to Major League baseball managers. Landry said he is not star-struck when he speaks with Jeter or Halladay because he looks at them as average men who are good at what they do – playing baseball.

Being in the business for 17 years, Landry has signed many big deals for baseball players. But when asked what is his proudest accomplishment, it was not a $50 million deal for a certain pitcher.

“Being able to use the philosophy that I started with representing players. Having that philosophy stand the test of time as we stand here today,” he said is his proudest moment.

His philosophy?

“Do your best job you can for the players. Be professional. Be trustworthy and keep your word.”

Words that would make Jerry Mcguire proud.

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