Sept. 1: Davis benches Austin indefinitely from the team for violating team rules unassociated with the probe.

Sept. 3: UNC declares seven football players, including Austin and Little, ineligible for the season opener against LSU. Six other players are withheld from the game.

Sept. 5: Associate head coach John Blake resigns, saying he has become a distraction to his family, the team and the school. He agrees to a $74,500 buyout of his contract with the school.

Sept. 8: Phone records show frequent communications between Blake and sports agent Gary Wichard in the 61 days leading up to the Jan. 4 decision by six UNC football players to not enter the NFL draft.

Sept. 17: Austin meets for several hours with investigators from the N.C. Secretary of State’s office.

Sept. 22: The NCAA suspends senior safety Deunta Williams for four games and senior cornerback Kendric Burney for six games for accepting improper benefits and preferential treatment and orders them to make repayments to a charity of their choice.

Blake interviews with investigators from the N.C. Secretary of State’s Office.

Sept. 29: Yahoo! Sports reports that Blake and Wichard engaged in multiple financial transactions since May 2007, including a credit card issued to Blake on behalf of Wichard’s Pro Tect Management. Pro Tect also appears on a hotel receipt for one of Austin’s training visits to California.

Oct. 4: Davis apologizes for hiring and trusting Blake. Blake’s lawyers confirm that Blake accepted three payments from Wichard while employed at UNC to pay for his son’s private school tuition. (Wichard is the boy’s godfather.)

Oct. 7: Thorp tells the UNC system’s Board of Governors that while individual player cases may be resolved soon, the NCAA investigation into the football program may take a year or more.

Oct. 9: On the morning of a 21-16 win over Clemson, UNC adds fullback Devon Ramsay to the group of withheld players. The school also announces safety Jonathan Smith, who was withheld from the first four games, will not return this season but could be eligible to play in 2011.

Oct. 11: The NCAA rules Little and Quinn permanently ineligible, while UNC dismisses Austin from the football program. Little received benefits worth $4,952, including trips to the Bahamas, Washington, and Miami, according to UNC. Quinn received $5,642 in benefits, including two black diamond watches and a pair of matching earrings. The NCAA also said Little and Quinn were not truthful during three separate interviews.

Oct. 16: Before a win at Virginia, Baddour says that Burney has an “unresolved issue” and may not be able to return even after serving the final game of his suspension. Defensive end Linwan Euwell is cleared to return after missing five games, while North Carolina announces that safety Brian Gupton will not play this season.

Wednesday: UNC announces that cornerback Charles Brown will not play this season. Burney is ruled out for the Tar Heels’ game today at Miami.

Current: Of a total of 14 players held out of at least one game, four have returned to action, one has served his NCAA suspension but not returned to action, one has been cleared to return but has yet to play, and six are out for the season. The status of the other two remains unclear.

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