If Katie Strang’s source is precise on the salary, then Bailey’s cap hit is actually lower now than the $1.725 million of his ELC. Which was to be expected: Though a top 10 pick in 2008, Bailey’s trajectory is still more of an unknown than his fellow methodical classmates Drew Doughty, Luke Schenn and Zach Bogosian. This deal takes him up to his arbitration years (pending any changes in the next CBA), where he’ll cash in royally if he performs as well as his agent no doubt told Garth Snow he already has.

There are differing opinions on this — and we don’t know without witnessing negotiations ourselves — but when a negotiation lingers this long I interpret it as a sign the agent is, as is his wont, trying to see if a GM will fold and reach beyond his budget. Garth Snow did not fold.

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