“A lot of it has to do with client acquisition,” said Jones. “I’ll be watching a lot of film, doing a lot of background checks so we know we’re representing the right kind of kid. A lot of that. It plays to my strengths. I’ve always been one of those guys that has talent evaluation as one of my top skills.”

On Monday, May 10, Stamford High confirmed that Bryan Hocter was named the new head coach of the Black Knights. Hocter has spent seven years as an assistant coach working under Jones and for the last four year he was Stamford’s defensive coordinator.

“I was shocked when he told me,” Stamford AD Pete Samperi said. “He said he wanted to talk to me about something, and I thought it was about spring practice, and he told me he was withdrawing his application for head coach.

“I’m happy for Kevin,” Samperi added. “I wish him well. He’ll be successful in what he’s doing.”

Jones, whose career record at Stamford was 35-48, said it was a difficult decision to leave the coaching ranks for a job that he’ll do while he continues as a teacher at Stamford High.

“I’m sorry to see Kevin go. He’s a good football coach, and I enjoyed working with him and having the opportunity to compete against him over at Westhill,” Westhill head coach Dick Cerone said. “The upside is I think Bryan Hocter is a real good football coach and should do well over here. I’m looking forward to remaining friends with him but also competing on a head coach-to-head coach level.”

He had spent a lot of time with Linta once it was decided that Ducasse would be a client and the coach and agent hit it off especially well.

“He’s a great guy and we’ve talked a lot, pretty much every single day for the last six or seven months,” Jones said. “About three weeks ago we got into a conversation about the fact he had a spot open. It wasn’t an easy decision at all, but he made it very difficult for me to say no.”

Jones, who is married with two small children, said he’ll still be working his 80 hour weeks, but now many of those hours will be spent at home instead of out on the turf of Boyle Stadium or in the football office.

The fact Jones will remain at Stamford High as a teacher means he’s more than willing to help out his replacement in anyway possible in the coming months and seasons.

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