Introduction into “How To Effectively Recruit Athletes” 

Recruiting an athlete as a sports agent can be a crapshoot sometimes. You are never sure which bet is going to pay out. However, it you have a plan and follow a few basic steps you can reduce the risk of signing a bust and set yourself up for success.

Here are some tools that should be included in your recruiting plan.


As a fairly new agent you may not have a lot of relationships with many scouts. This should not deter you from trying to build those relationships. Starting off all you need is a solid relationship with one scout.

There are also many scouting services available that will provide you with information on nearly every player of note throughout the country. This is a good place to start to whittle down the prospects you think you have a good chance signing and finding a few “reaches” that if the pan out would be a real feather in you cap.


Take a look at your prospect’s online presence. Check out his Facebook and Twitter feeds and any other social media platforms you can find. This will accomplish two things. First, you can see it this is a person you really want to represent. Take a good look at the activities he is engaging in and the people he is hanging around with. You would be surprised at how many people post pictures of themselves engaging in illegal activity. That is a headache you do not need.

Second, you can see what his interests are.  If you and your recruit share an affinity for kung fu movies , that may be a jumping off point on which to build a personal relationship. A lot of people lay their whole lives bare on social media.  As a savvy agent you can pick up on those things that are important to a recruit and tailor your pitch around those areas.


Nothing beats meeting a prospect in person. A phone call or e-mail can be ignored but it is hard to avoid a person who is standing right in front of you. This also gives you a chance to meet the family and talk to his coach. Many times the coach knows the player even better than his family. Plus, getting to know the coach can help with future recruits.

Talk to other players as well. They can give you some insight to your prospects character and may even be able to help you recruit him.

Getting new clients is never easy but with a little research and some hard work you can be on your way to building a client base that will create a lasting business for you.  More information is available on the Sports Agent Course by Pro Sports Group and we are always ready to assist our graduates and students.

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