How to become a Basketball agent  phone calls and questions are now flooding our lines.  Many are real basic questions without the caller having done any homework on the business of” being an agent” .  Many call with great detailed lists which are the calls we love.  These are the individuals that are showing the passion, interest, and intelligence to move forward.  Can or will they all be agents no, but they will succeed in defining what is right for themselves successfully.

You should not make a decision to become an agent without doing a lot of homework.  This is a serious business and what is required for one sport may be different for another.  Terms, relationships of the player/agent change considerably.  It is the items you have to know outside the major certification associations that cause the new agents the most problems.  The various players association are there to help you and provided you follow their rules, they do just that.

I am often asked whether I belief a caller can become a successful agent.  This is almost an impossible question to answer for without a detailed understanding of the individual and then it would be an opinion, not a fact.  I hesitate answer directly and typically give a overview of an agents life.  It is hard work, requires skill, perseverance, education, affinity for athletes and people, drive, and most importantly desire.  With desire and willingness to help you can start exploring the various items needed to be known.   Along the way you will find out if this is for you or not.   Experience has shown me that starting anything with self doubt leads to wrong directions which later require course corrections  and a new direction established.

A Quick test is to check out the Collective Bargaining Agreement  and agent application at  If these can be understood easily by you and you qualify then that is a start.  Make a list of items you need to know from what you read.  Each piece of information will generate more questions.

We provide detailed knowledge and access to information to ensure you have the opportunity to success.  You have to do the focused work.   We back the course up  with support, 15 years of experience and an interest in your success.   We however only steer or advise you how to stay on the a known road, you have to walk it.

If you still have the list of questions please call.  We can answer the major ones but there are thousands that need answered in your mind.   Get educated before you jump into the “Lions Den”.

Hope this helps you !

Warmest regards,