“They’ve got to sit down and think before they go do something,” said Gusty Sunseri, a former sports agent.

Sunseri is an attorney and former agent who represented more than 50 athletes including superstar Sean Gilbert.

“Constructive criticism with anyone is only as good as the person that’s accepting it,” said Sunseri. “There are times when I feared giving constructive criticism because they would tell me, ‘Get lost, you’re gone.'”

He says in the situation with Holmes, the conversation has to be simple.

“What are you doing? That’s the first thing that’s gonna come to my mind is that in these situations generally you don’t want to say much to begin with,” said Sunseri.

The former agent says he was shocked by the recent messages on Holmes’ Twitter account.

Some were benign like, “I love all my fans even the ones who hate me.”

Others were defensive like, “Word to the street and the wise guys I don’t take advice from anyone!” and “U rite ppl don’t understand life. I’m not going to get off Twitter bc the fans think I shud.”

But another one has raised some controversy.

It was sent Tuesday to a fan who attacked Holmes on the site, “Y u tryna make me look like the bad guy. U should try finding the worst thing that you could drink n kill urself.”

“Why would you confront a fan on a Twitter page?” said Sunseri. “It’s not even a conversation between you and him; it’s disseminated throughout the cyberspace. It’s just, it’s ridiculous.”

Sunseri, who spent 20 years dealing with NFL players and teams including the Pittsburgh Steelers, says he believes the front office in Pittsburgh will not tolerate the recent behavior of a number of the players.

“They have high standards. When you deal with all these teams, there are certain teams, that I won’t mention, they don’t really have as high a standard as the Steelers do; and I’m telling you right now, the Steelers do,” said Sunseri.

He is also convinced the Twitter messages Holmes is leaving could be used against him in court, in any legal proceeding, and that he should stop right away.

Sunseri says the best player he ever represented was Curtis Martin, a Pitt graduate. He calls him a model citizen.

He says other players who had drinking, discipline and money problems had him feeling like an adult babysitter and led to his early retirement as an agent.

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