HGH testing is now official and in the books.   A couple of guys I thought were significantly above the norm in character and values get to play ball again this week.  The Cowboys certainly need Orlando and I for one do not think  less of him for his learning experience.

The HGH situation gets overwritten in the press by the ” Ray Rice” disaster along with the related incidents.   I say related because they  are.   The outrage being shown over the acts of violence against women and children is long overdue.   I am sorry it is the NFL taking the hit but it is such an important issue needing attention and correction as a society that perhaps only the NFL has the headlines needed to get it across.  Perhaps,  I am looking for a ray of sun shine on a rainy day.

Corrective and positive change is caused by ideas getting attention.  It is the way change is done in a free society or even enslaved societies if the truth be known.   We may not like it but the impression being made on the minds of us that follow these stories is an extremely strong one.  It is an explosion of emotion, confusion, and thought.   It has been coming for many years.  It is a sign we are advancing as a people, as a country, as a group of  individuals who are not afraid of taking a stand and sawing no more ! That we also expose our faults along the way well,  so be it.

The bad is that it happened but it was happening anyway ( in all areas of life) and now it is out and will not be put back in the bottle.  The NFL is going to take the hit on this but we as a people will grow.  Our understanding of what is right and wrong will advance.  A switch to a child when I was growing up was considered necessary if not totally common.   My parents loved me and totally believed it to be a tool that would be considered when the occasion arose.  I of course disagreed and today have a  better understanding than my parents had.

Assault on women can never be accepted and we as men must be leaders in setting a high standard of conduct for our own generation and all future generations.    I cannot condone in any form the conduct I saw on the “video”.

As sports agents you need to ensure your people do not get caught up in the back lash.  Athletes as a group are held to a higher standard that the average “Joe”.   When the stats come out and I have seen a few already it will show that athletes are well above the norm in many areas that count.  Yes, more is expected.   That is OK with me as expecting more encourages as well as creates growth.   It does hurt a little more when a successful athlete falls but never let your people belief  the failure of another athlete is their failure.  Maintain the highest standards and work to increase those you have achieved.

Keep your heads up and eyes on your dreams !