Hardin said he represented Smith in 2007 when Smith was accused in a civil lawsuit of assaulting another player in a summer basketball game at Fonde Recreation Center in Houston. In the lawsuit filed Tuesday by Hardin’s attorney, Dale Jefferson, Smith is accused of not paying remaining legal fees of 22,753.

Jefferson said he does not believe it will be necessary “to serve him during a 20-second time out or in the pregame introductions, but he will be served at Toyota Center while he is here.”

Nuggets officials reached on Tuesday said the team and Smith would have no comment. Smith’s agent, Thad Foucher, also had no comment.

Smith was suspended for three games to begin the 2007-08 season because of his role in an incident in a Denver nightclub. He served 24 days in a New Jersey prison in July after pleading guilty to reckless driving in a 2007 car crash.

“I’ve never sued a client before over legal fees,” Hardin said. “When we represented J.R. Smith in a civil lawsuit, the case was settled in mediation. … He was sued for breaking a guy’s jaw in an incident in Fonde. He never paid. It’s the principle. He has a multi-million contract (worth $6,171,426 million this season) and refuses pay his bill.”

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