To read the article on the NCAA’s investigation into the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, click here. To read more on the NC Secretary of State’s probe into sports agents, click here and to read the interview with George Jeter, Director of Communication for the NC Secretary of State, click here.

As the NCAA continues its investigation into various universities across the country, including the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill in regards to possible violations involving improper contact with a sports agent, as well as the North Carolina Secretary of State Office opening up an investigation into sports agents in the state, little has been said about the role that sports agents play and where they fit into these investigations.

Certainly, there has been much coverage in regards to the NCAA, the various institutions of higher learning and the athletes themselves, but we have not seen many sports agents, if any at all, actually go on the record about any investigation, either by the NCAA or specifically about the NC Secretary of State investigation.

“It is a good thing and needs to be done on a regular basis,” said Mike Baker, Owner/Agent of MBi Sports Management when asked about the query by the Secretary of State. “The rules, or lack of rules are so obscure, the general public does not know what’s allowable and what isn’t.”

MBi Sports Management, located in Greensboro, NC, was “founded under the premise that every athlete’s career is unique and deserving of quality, professional and personalized representation,” according to the company website.

Although the opinions of the various entities involved in these investigations may differ as to where the responsibility and accountability lies, Baker was quick to point out where he feels both lie.

“It lies with the NCAA and the agents,” Baker said. “The NCAA should designate a time to choose agents. Agents should then be allowed to visit during certain dates and be allowed to leave the family or player their information. Let the player decide. Anything else is a clear violation and with accountability.”

Where do you feel the responsibility and accountability lie? Is it with the NCAA, various universities, sports agents or the athletes themselves? Please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments here. You can also follow me on Twitter to leave your thoughts as well.

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