‘We are obviously not waiting until the end of the season to discuss Brad’s future and I have held talks with a number of clubs. Brad has not made any decisions about what he wants to do, we are not ruling anything out at this stage.’

McGill intimates that the interest is widespread and includes clubs from foreign shores but says that should come as no surprise given the players experience, fitness and form – but clearly it sounds like the ball is still in Villa’s court.

‘We are not saying ‘no’ to anybody, and we are not going to rule Villa out – Villa more than anyone have seen how reliable Brad is and how his fitness levels are quite extraordinary.’

Previous articles/rumours have suggested that Houllier will let Friddy know whether the club wish to keep him next season by the end of February, but I think regardless of what happens there should be some discussion about whether he wishes to remain at, or return to the club as a coach.

There is plenty he could offer us, even if it was no longer on the pitch directly.

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