But you know what? This trip was also refreshing for a reason that had nothing to do with the festivities of the day. It simply provided me with an opportunity to casually hang out with Al, who I truly do consider to be a good friend of mine.

As an agent who’s fortunate to have a healthy number of clients under my wing, it could be easy for me to fall out of touch with my guys. And to do that would be to lessen the strength of the family bond we all have with each other. And, obviously, I don’t wanna see that happen.

Sure, I talk on the phone with my clients all the time, but that kind of interaction lacks the intimacy of a one-on-one visit. I wanna be able to see my guys face-to-face, hug them, tell them I love’em, tell them I’m there for’em, and ask them what their needs are. Phone conversations have this invisible filter that blocks you and your client from really feeling each other. And if this is the only way the two of you ever interact, overtime you’ll start to feel emotionally detached from one another, making your long-distance engagements feel like they’re only about business, and rarely about brotherhood.

I’ve always believed in the power of providing personal attention to the clients I service. I don’t do it just to seem like I care about them, I do it because I truly do care about them. This is why I legitimately enjoyed driving all those hours last weekend from Dallas to Elton. I was excited to hang out with my good friend, Al Woods; and I could tell he really appreciated me being there for him on his big day. This is just how families operate.

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