Eugene Egdorf, head of The Lanier Law Firm’s Sports and Entertainment Law group, was involved in several aspects of the filming.

The critically acclaimed movie includes a close look at up-and-coming NFL agent Eugene T. Lee of New York. Mr. Lee is the President and CEO of ETL Associates Inc., which has partnered with The Lanier Law Firm to complement its Sports and Entertainment Law group.

Through their experience and relationships with NFL franchise general managers, personnel directors, coaches, and scouts, Mr. Lee and ETL Associates have earned a league-wide reputation for tenacious advocacy and sterling integrity in client contract negotiations.

Mr. Egdorf serves as vice president and general counsel of ETL Associates. He also appears briefly in the film during footage of ETL Associates’ draft-day war room.

A noted sports attorney, Mr. Egdorf represented the family of a deceased Rice University student-athlete and negotiated a landmark settlement with the school and the NCAA that resulted in the NCAA for the first time recommending that universities conduct sickle-cell testing on all student-athletes. Mr. Egdorf currently represents the family of Bennie Abram, a University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) student-athlete who died during a spring practice.

ETL has teamed up with The Lanier Law Firm to offer legal representation to athletes, teams, owners, and executives from all professional sports leagues in a variety of sports-related disputes.

With offices in Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Houston and New York, The Lanier Law Firm is committed to addressing client concerns with effective and innovative solutions in courtrooms across the country. The firm is composed of outstanding trial attorneys with decades of experience handling cases involving pharmaceutical liability, asbestos exposure, intellectual property, business litigation, product liability, toxic exposure and maritime law.

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