The short answer is first and then I will lay out the requirements by the various leagues.   To Become a Sports Agent you could be a high school graduate all the way to a masters or full doctorate degree.  The individual league players associations are the organization that set the rules, guidelines and qualifications for those wishing to become agents.   There are many sharks and self promoters   in this business and the best way to get a correct answer is to call us or visit the the players associations web site  you wish to join.   There are other qualifications and a significant amount of detailed schooling or education needed to be a successful agent however we are only covering a overview of education today.  Examples of these are NCAA rules, Uniform Athlete Code, State laws, rules, regulations, and licensing, contract negotiation  collective bargaining agreements, sponsorship, and how to get financial support for your athlete to kick start you into the money.  These are covered on our Sports Agent Course.  If you want to save yourself and athletes a lifetime of misery get the knowledge before you jump into the shark tank.

The major players associations are below and their basic minimum education requirements are below.  Please be advised that the final decision is always the players associations and not any outside company or organization no matter what your are told or see advertised.    In every case the Players Association has the right, ability, and authority to modify their rules and make exceptions.  A more common exception is business, marketing, contract, playing experience that demonstrates you could be a quality agent even though you may not have the full educational requirements.  In addition to education there are other and more serious requirements that must be meant.  We are doing education because it is the most common question.

MLBPA:   High School education is acceptable but you must have player on a team roster to be considered a agent and authorized to negotiate

NFLPA:   The NFLPA requests an advanced degree.  This is normally considered a 4 year degree plus a 2 year program or masters degree.  A JD for attorneys is common here but not required.  The advanced degree speciality is not spelled out but they do make exceptions and most who have the skills and experience should apply.

NBPA:  They request a four year degree or proof of experience that may qualify you in their eyes.  Call us and we can direct but they are final call.

FIFA:  No degree is required however one must take a test which occurs every 6 months for those who are not practicing attorneys. A background check is mandatory and you pay for it.

FIBA:  No degree however passing their test is a minimum requirement.

CFL:  No degree but a test and other qualifications are required.

We do cover a few others on our course however we should discuss this before you sign up to ensure you understand what is needed and is covered.

Being a Sports Agent is not a game for goldfish, however it is a thrilling adventure for the right people! 

Have a great day and  “Look Before You Leap”  !