The deals he gets for his top players will help set the market. And in a measure of even more power, teams that are looking to trade Boras clients on the verge of free agency aren’t willing to pay a fair asking price.

Whether it’s in his Newport Beach offices or in the lobby of baseball’s General Manager meetings, Boras is trying to get the most money for his clients – much to the chagrin of many front offices.

Take this excerpt from a recent column by’s Ken Rosenthal.

“The Angels will need to be awfully creative if they intend to retool while shunning Boras’ clients,” Rosenthal writes.

There was undoubtedly bad blood between the Angels and Boras after the negotiations for Mark Teixeira fell apart in Dec. 2008.

Making things even more delicate for the Angels, Boras represents two perceived cornerstones of the Angels’ future, Jered Weaver and Kendry Morales. Counting on either of those players to stay in town once free agency hits (Weaver in 2013 and Morales in 2014) is a dicey proposition.

Whether they want to or not, the Angels’ present and future is tied to Boras, maybe the most feared agent in baseball. And whether they like it or not, the Angels have to play the game on Boras’ terms.

That’s power. And Boras has plenty of it.

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