The clown suit Master D just put on Crabtree might never be topped. Not only did Master D play a role in convincing Crabtree he could get paid based on the word of Mel Kiper rather than the checkbook of an NFL owner, Master D capped it off by sending another 1990s has-been and financial idiot (MC Hammer) to Crabtree’s contract surrender.
Whitlock was just getting started: “Crabtree is a joke. He looks like the most naive and dumb athlete since Forrest Gump quit playing college football. … Roger Goodell needs to close Master D Mentoring. The D stands for destruction or dumb, not Deion.”

Hopefully, Primetime will take this as constructive criticism. Because Whitlock also writes that “Deion Sanders was one of my favorite athletes of all time.” And Jeff George just died a little inside.

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