2. Beltran’s agent Scott Boras tells the Associated Press that the surgery was needed, was approved by a Mets team doctor (but not a Mets official, the Mets say) and that Beltran wasn’t just doing it for kicks. Associated Press

3. Whatever the case, Metsgrrl says Beltran’s injury is completely insignificant when compared to what’s going on in Haiti and she feels bad for feeling bad about it. Metsgrrl

4. The Yankees have announced that they’re donating $500,000 to the Haitian relief effort. Here’s hoping more teams step up today and do the same thing. LoHud

5. The Marlins can now afford to spend more on their payroll. Thanks to their penny-pinching ways, the franchise’s value has risen 8 percent during this recession. FishStripes

6. Here’s a handy-dandy guide on what baseball’s owners are doing down at that meeting in Arizona and Craig Calcaterra wonders if there’s any colluding going on. Circling The Bases

7. I may be a day late on this, but this compare-n-contrast between the Mark McGwire and Alex Rodriguez(notes) interviews is a must read. Fack Youk

8. Why Phillies fan Bill Baer wants Brett Myers(notes) to pitch well for the Astros. Crashburn Alley

9. Meech isn’t scared by Myers’ promise to “stick it to” the Phils in 2010. The Fightins’

10. The Baseball Project is rolling through the Windy City tonight for Len Kasper and Bob Brenly’s annual fundraiser. I’d be over there if I didn’t have previous plans, but it’s always a good time, so check it out if you’re in the city. Chicago Tribune

11. Pseudo-intellectual writer tries to compare contemporary views on steroid use to Stalin while I shrug my shoulders and say, “Uh, I guess.” Huffington Post

12. SABR officials are moving to block the trademark of the word “sabermetrics.” SABR

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