Beau Archibald

The former director of basketball operations received a two-year show cause penalty from the NCAA, which means that any school wishing to hire him must clear his hiring through the organization’s Infractions Committee and also might be willing to deal with any additional penalties for hiring him. As a director of basketball operations, Archibald was not technically an assistant coach and was therefore not permitted by the NCAA to recruit players to UConn. While at UConn, Archibald was charged with making at least 114 impermissible phone calls — 83 of which he placed himself — and exchanging 181 text messages. According to the NCAA, Archibald also allegedly provided “false and misleading information to NCAA enforcement staff and [UConn]” during interviews with representatives in 2009. Archibald resigned on May 20, 2010, shortly before UConn made its response to the allegations public.

Patrick Sellers

One of the Huskies’ assistant coaches, Sellers was also alleged to have placed at least 19 impermissible phone calls during the recruitment of Miles. He also had relationships with several AAU coaches and played a role in distributing 10 tickets to these coaches for several UConn games, which is against NCAA rules. Sellers, now coaching in China, resigned on May 23, 2010, following his third year as an assistant coach and seventh with the program after he allegedly provided misleading information to the NCAA in interviews. The NCAA cleared him of wrongdoing.

Josh Nochimson

A former team manager-turned-agent who exchanged several phone calls and text messages with UConn’s assistant coaches and served as a de-facto agent for Miles during his recruitment. The NCAA ruled Tuesday that Nochimson is to be permanently disassociated from the university, preventing him from any contact with players, coaches or any other athletic department representatives.

Jim Calhoun

The UConn coach was found guilty by the NCAA of failing to create an atmosphere of compliance in its findings Tuesday despite the university’s insistence that Calhoun had done nothing wrong. As part of its sanctions, the NCAA ruled Calhoun will be suspended for the first three Big East games next season and will not be allowed to contact the players or his assistant coaches, nor will he be allowed to enter the building where the games are taking place. The NCAA also claimed that Calhoun, as the head coach, failed to adequately monitor the coaching staff’s phone calls and text messages to prospective players, and Calhoun was cited for his distribution of complimentary tickets to a variety of AAU and high school coaches..

George Blaney and Andre LeFleur

The Huskies’ other two assistant coaches during the period in question and the only two to currently remain on staff. Both also were charged with placing impermissible phone calls by the NCAA, though LaFleur was charged with placing only 13 calls and Blaney five. Both cooperated with NCAA investigators.

Tom Moore

The current head coach at Quinnipiac, now in his fourth year, and former UConn assistant coach. Never cited by the NCAA in its investigations, Moore has never been charged by the organization, but originally served as the lead recruiter for Miles.

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