Over the past three years we have been holding these workouts, a number of
players have advanced through the required stages to make our football team.
Should a player impress our coaching or personnel staff at an open workout,
that player will be invited to a private workout in Florida in the Spring of
2012. This private workout is a two day minicamp where players are given
the opportunity to showcase their skills to the entire coaching staff as
well as to learn the intricacies of Canadian football.

Please be advised that the club charges an $80 fee for attending an open
tryout. This charge off sets some of the travel and operational costs the
football club incurs, as well as to ensure that only serious prospective
athletes are in attendance.

Please see below for the upcoming open workouts in your area. Some of the
locations in the various cities have yet to be secured but should be within
the next few weeks. I encourage you to check our website www.stampeders.com
as the locations are always updated there.

As many of you know, a number of CFL players have made the move to the NFL
in recent years and have been very successful. We look forward to seeing
you and your clients in 2012 and best of luck in your football pursuits.

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