You don’t have to take my word for it, though; the Clarion-Ledger’s Rick Cleveland has the visual evidence.

So, I was talking to Bus Cook, sports agent of the stars, today about one of his clients, Antonio Johnson, the starting defensive tackle for the Indianapolis Colts. And I asked Bus about the health of his most famous client Brett Favre.

“Beat up,” Bus answered. “You should see the photos of his ankle and his hamstring the day after the game.”

I said I’d like to do just that. Cook emailed them. Brace yourself. For all those who have criticized Favre for throwing instead of running on that last play against the Saints, check out Brett’s left ankle and his right hamstring.

Not sure how that late-fourth-quarter pick is suddenly mitigated by Favre’s balky ankle and hamstring (not to mention his unquestioned toughness). If anything, shouldn’t he have been on the sidelines? That’s like saying “You can’t expect Tim Tebow to be a competent NFL passer — just look at his arm!” And then using that to justify the decision to run the QB dive all the way to defeat.

Cleveland concludes his post by writing, “That he even finished the game is testament to why he is football’s all-time iron man, the toughest football player I’ve ever seen… Now I ask you: How many guys would have played with that?”

Off the top of my head: at least 75 percent of NFL players? Probably closer to 90?

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