The report by Brandon Sneed entailed ” The Prospect” published by SB Nation, is an detailed, well written, and  researched article that is educational for our all agents.   Montaous Walton was an exceptional case of an athlete trying to follow his dream but there are many variations not quite so headline worthy that do damage and harm to new and old agents alike.  Each spring athletes work and strive to follow their dreams of becoming a Professional Athlete.  Their grasp on reality often times slip when they speak with their “Sports Agent” .  It is the job of the Sports Agent to do his homework on the athletes they represent.  One of the finer agents was dubbed by Montaous Wilson.  He will not be the last athlete following a dream that has no fundamental opportunity for success, or is willing to deceive in whatever way or means necessary.    Read the article and form your own opinions.  This is area of difficulty particularly for new agents as they are open and desirous of helping the athletes but in the excitement ignore basic procedures.   Athletes may and often will say anything to the agent to get his attention and assistance.   ” Trust but  Verify ” and dig deeper than you may have in the past because your time and professional efforts are important.  There are 10 guys wanting an agent for every guy that should be signed.

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