Below is the Web address to the to NFL Players Association agent page.  From this page you can download the requirements, procedures, rules and applications you need to follow or complete.  We receive a lot of calls on becoming an agent and are finding it is better for us and the agent prospects to read the basic requirements for being a agent directly from the sources. It is important that you  download and read  the information they have provided.  If you qualify call us and we may be able to assist but you will be educated and able to speak on the subject.

Our course does not provide you an agent license only assists in providing the basic foundational information needed.  After finishing the our course or anyones elses course there are additional fees and requirements necessary to become a sports agent in the field of your choice.   I will post the major US team sport agent links as separate articles.

Hope this helps all to look in the right direction.   You can always call us but the very important thing to remember is that team sports in the US with exception of FIFA have  Players Associations that regulate agents.   No one but the respective association can grant an agent license.   They each have different procedures and rules so they should always be your first source of discovery.

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Please think twice about paying any organization or individual to become an member of their organization to become an agent. You are doing yourself and your athletes a disservice.  Get educated in a proper school to meet the requirements.