For roughly a year, Dubin had been working on his fairly new company Athletic Advisory Group LLC. According to the Arizona Corporation Commission, the limited liability company was incorporated on September 3, 2010 and approved 6 days later. Dubin’s is the only name listed on the company’s Articles of Incorporation. But at least one woman has claimed that Dubin’s less than professional activities occurred for quite some time before he started his own company.

In August 2010, I was contacted by a woman who said that Dubin was very verbally abusive to her. On May 11, 2010, this woman sent the following email to David Yates, President of Gaylord Sports Management (where Dubin was working at the time):
I have im’s and texts to backup my story. Including the degrading way he spoke to me through the texts.I apologize for my tone.. but your counsel has been so rude, degrading, and not able to apologize like a man. I was very straight forward with him I dont do games.AND he played them. I dont know what Jason you know,but the one incontact with me has duel personality with control issues. I’ ll send you what you want.

Based on that correspondence alone, I was not tempted to write anything on Sports Agent Blog concerning the matter. Then I received another email from the woman who said she was verbally abused by Dubin, stating that she contacted the MLBPA. Assistant General Counsel Doyle Pryor responded to her communication with the following:

The Players Association has notified Gaylord Sports’ Baseball Division of your allegations concerning the conduct of its employee Jason Dubin. It may take some time to investigate this situation. We will keep you advised.

In the mean time, if you have any further information you wish to provide us, please do not call our office. Send it to me in writing, either by e-mail or regular mail.

The MLBPA and Gaylord Sports were put on notice of allegations concerning Dubin’s conduct, as stated by Pryor. I had to look further into this agent. It appeared that Dubin was a regular user of online dating websites. He had accounts on PlentyofFish, JDate,, and others. Check out his profile, below.

The woman who says she was verbally abused claimed that Dubin was using business trips paid by Gaylord Sports Management to meet up with unknown females he found on sites like In fact, she turned out to be one of Dubin’s “booty calls.” The following is part of an email that Dubin sent to her on May 11, 2010 ( is Dubin).

From: ””

Sent: Tue, May 11, 2010 9:22:16 PM

I have nothing to hide. I was up front with you when I said a booty call type thing. I work a lot and have very little time for a social life. It seemed to work. You sent me an email about a week later saying you wanted more and to be really good friends. I didn’t respond because i made myself clear when we met.

After all, a sports agent who was engaging in booty call type things on business trips ended up getting busted for trying to get a couple of underage girls to give him oral sex. Perhaps the writing was on the wall.

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