If you’re a Tennessee Titans or Cleveland Browns fan, you’re already in luck. Simply visit Rickert’s site, scroll down to the photo of Jordan Babineaux or Jordan Norwood, and click on the giveaway link for either player. You’ll be redirected to their Facebook fan pages, where you can enter contests to win the gloves they wore during their Week 1 game.

In order to learn about upcoming giveaways (such as one by Drayton Florence of the Buffalo Bills and Lorenzo Alexander of the Washington Redskins,) fans should use Rickert’s site for links to connect with the Twitter and/or Facebook account of those athletes served by Rickert.

“These are some tough times for sports fans all over the country, and attending a live football game has become something of an impossibility for many fans,” said Rickert. “We wanted to bring back that sense that your average working fan could pick up a pair of tickets and take his kid to the game, or get his hands on some unique game used memorabilia.”

As one of the most successful agents in America, Rickert knows the price many athletes have paid due to mishandling their presences on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. More than a handful of professional athletes have lost paid endorsement deals over commentary online. “I knew it was important to educate my guys and get them the tools they need to really use this new medium to portray a positive image for themselves, their clubs, and the league,” said Rickert.

Votigo has expressed excitement about partnering with Rickert. “Social media provides a fantastic opportunity for athletes to engage directly with their fans,” said Votigo Co-CEO and Founder Jim Risner. “Votigo technology provides a simple and effective solution for JR Rickert to launch giveaways and other promotions on behalf of their clients.” Votigo’s portfolio of clients include Ford, Sears, Dell, KMart, Baskin Robbins, Coca Cola, Kohl’s and AOL, among many others.

What are you waiting for? If you want to get your hands on team jerseys, player gloves, free game tickets and much more, visit Rickert’s site and begin entering those sweepstakes!

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