Clinton as CEO and President of XDS, is no longer an agent, but has certifed agents on his team. Since bringing on his own agents and focusing on his athletes and company full time without the agent hat, his agency has grown in both reputation for delivering high performing athletes to the professional sports world , and stop one for athletes who want to achieve their dreams of playing in the professional leagues. We used the word Superstar to describe Clinton before but he is more than this. His heart and soul is dedicated to our young athletes and assisting them to win. In a world where “Competition” is the watchword and measuring sticks are all about money and self importance, this man stands out as an example of what a true man among men should be. His commitment to youth and their growth may be hard for many to understand. We know a lot of players and agents here at Pro Sports Group but very few dream the dreams where so many are included. A sign of further great things to come is certainly well established. Older agents have set the bars of decency and excellence far too low. A new standard of excellence is in town and his name is Clinton Spencer.
The rest you may have read before but we are including it here to bring our new members and subscribers up to date.

A coach at heart with a love for working with young athletes “Coach Spencer” has been involved in training young athletes for Olympic competition and Professional Sports for 14 years. His unique understanding of the athlete’s needs as well as his honest communication with the sports teams is making him the “Man” they go to for help. Clinton created Xplosion Dynamix Sports to ensure athletes are ready, and represented professionally with high business and ethical standards.

Clinton’s sincerity and excellent attention to the athlete’s interests have created a unique bond between his players, parents, and the organizations they work with. Clinton learned “talent evaluation” and what it took to move his athletes up the ranks before becoming an agent. This knowledge and skill, sets him apart from most agents today. Whether speaking to the athlete or the team personal director, XDS has the reputation of being straight forward and upfront in all their communications. Passionate, highly energetic and motivated to help clients reach their goals and dreams, XDS is a fully operational one stop shop for today’s professional athletes. From contractual agent and team agreements, to athlete and advisor consulting, including coaching and training for professional sports tryouts, XDS can serve their clients every need.

XDS was created out of Clinton Spencer’s passion for helping athletes, including those athletes whom had fallen through the cracks, gotten hurt during a career which abruptly ended due to injury, players whom might have gotten into trouble or expelled from school a semester or expelled indefinitely. XDS helps rebuild the character and integrity of that athlete of which has been deteriorated by their misfortune. Clinton and his team have excelled in rebuilding careers. They have athletes in the NFL, FIBA, MLB, CFL, Olympic competition, and NBA through the agent representatives. Additionally XDS now represents snow boarders, professional golfers, and even pro bass fishermen. XDS is truly here to help our clients, the professional athlete. Many of their clients have long stories of how they were passed over in college, the draft, or just plain fell through the cracks carved out by the nature of this dynamic and rapidly moving sports business. Next up on the very active XDS agenda is a professional soccer camp with details and schedules being worked on. The real bottom line message that XDS conveys is that if you are a professional athlete be professional and keep working hard, XDS is here to help you make headway in quest for success.

Clinton says give us a call at XDS we like the pressure, just as you like the pressure in your chosen field. Let XDS help build a rock solid foundation to help propel your career into a direction of clear skies and success.

You may contact Clinton Spencer at XDS, 1706 John Ross Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37421, email: or

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