Dr. Pamela Senatore is a Licensed Associate Agent NBA/WNBA with GameFace Entertainment LLC. Dr. Senatore is a dynamic lady that exudes confidence, intelligence and compassion for her players and associates in her business. She is rapidly rising to become the ‘The First Lady “in a previously male dominated agent business.

Pamela Senatore is a proud ProSports Group graduate class of 2009. She has a Bachelors degree in Science in Nursing, a Masters Degree in Public Health, and a post graduate doctoral degree in Public Health with emphasis on Community Health/Health Promotion/Injury Prevention. Dr. Senatore has taken the knowledge and sports agency education that she has learned from Pro Sports Group and has applied its curriculum, and principles, bringing integrity, and honesty back to the recruitment process, developing jobs for people within the community, while demanding a higher standard from GameFace clientele as well as for herself. Because of this and her personal commitment to athletes and their families, Pro Sports Group has selected Pamela Nichelle Senatore, PhD, MPH, BSN, RN as Pro Sports Group “Agent of the Month” for June, 2010.

Pamela has demonstrated a full time commitment to GameFace athletes by getting them promoted and signed to contracts at an extremely rapid rate. Today GameFace has 32 players many of which have signed team contracts. Those not yet signed are receiving the highest exposure possible with the continuous marketing efforts by the entire GameFace team on their behalf. GameFace and Dr. Senatore are certainly a “Dream Come True” for the young players.

GameFace Entertainment LLC has a major staff/support system including but not limited to CPAs, Attorneys, Sports Trainers, and last but not least the best ever concert promoter and CFO Mr. Nehemiah “Neil” Fane. Dr. Senatore is actively involved in the recruitment process of GameFace Entertainment while keeping a watchful eye over her client’s careers on a day to day basis. GameFace Entertainment LLC currently has a roster of quality professional athletes that stands at 32. She also gives credit to her illustrious CEO and husband, Jerry Senatore who has been actively involved in the sports industry for more than 35 years.

According to Dr. Senatore she has acquired numerous new clients and experienced much personal success since the recent addition of Mr. Timothy M. Green (another PSG graduate) who currently serves as the President of Basketball Operations at GameFace Entertainment LLC. According to Pamela, “”He motivates me on a daily basis to be the best that I can be”.

GameFace Entertainment has its checks and balances to ensure maximum exposure to their clientele while providing vital services in order to meet their personal, spiritual, and emotional needs. Dr. Senatore would like to personally thank ProSports Group for fostering a networking system that resulted in GameFace Entertainment LLC meeting and joining forces with other Pro Sports Group graduates.

Pro Sports Group salutes Dr. Pamela Senatore for her excellence, moral beliefs, values, integrity, and most importantly, her dedication and commitment to GameFace clientele.

More information on GameFace Entertainment, LLC is on their website http://www.gamefacellc.com . Dr. Senatore can be reached at gamefaceentertainment.llc@gmail.com

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