Positions that are Open:Point guard who can play defense and push the basketball
Shooting guard who can defend and shoot the basketball
Small forward who can defend and attack the rim
Power forward who can score in the paint and rebound
Center who can protect the rim and rebound

*Need practice players

The Giants ARE paid players. The Giants are also supplied housing, benefits, and many feed-the-team partners throughout the season.

4-Time ABA Champions who are aggressively looking to win another title for Jacksonville!

The Giants play in the league’s premier venue (Veterans Memorial Arena) in which the Giants set an ABA single game attendance record of 8,354!
The largest fan base in minor league basketball.
Free Agent Camp Locations and Dates
Cuba Hunter Recreational Center
August 19, 2018
9 AM to 2 PM

October 7, 2018
9 AM to 2 PM